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Question Title Why are some webpages blank or incorrectly displayed in Internet Explorer?
Some Ubertor websites might appear blank or might not display correctly in Windows Internet Explorer. 

Most common issues are as follows:

  • Portions of a webpage might be missing, info in a table might be in the wrong locations, or colors and text might be incorrect. Some webpages might not display at all.
  • Editing a blog or any page via the content editor are not saved and do not show up the updated webpage or blog post.
If any of the above options occur :

Compatibility View helps improve how some websites look by displaying them as if you were using an earlier version ofInternet Explorer. Turning Compatibility View on might fix problems like missing info or incorrect text and colors.
  1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type Internet Explorer, and then, in the list of results, click Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Compatibility View button  on the Address bar.
  3. For more info about Compatibility View, see How to use Compatibility View in Internet Explorer .
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